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People's annoying Facebook behaviors

I really do like Facebook, its allowed me to connect with old friends, get to better know current friends and make new ones. By and large its a great way to keep in touch, share photos, etc.

Having said that there are certain behaviors that really bug the heck out of me and I'm guessing I'm not alone! So lets hit a couple of the highlights.


We all have bad days, tough situations, etc. and venting about them from time to time is totally understandable (heck, thats what I'm doing right now!). But then there are those people whose status updates seem to be dominated by the tales of their woes. This is particularly bad when they get overly descriptive with biological ailments. It's ok to say "man i'm not feeling well today". It's not ok to tell me the sort of things you would describe to your doctor when he is diagnosing you. Seriously. Also, i'm sorry that your boyfriend/girlfriend sucks/job sucks/unemployment sucks/etc. Its even ok to mention it once and a while. Please don't tell me daily. I got it the first ten times.


Babies/kids can be really cute. I enjoy seeing pictures of my friends kids from time to time. I know you are proud of them, and love them in a way that I won't understand til i have my own. But, here's the thing. I am YOUR friend on facebook, not your toddlers. When all i see in your facebook profile are updates about/pictures of your adorable offspring, well they start becoming less adorable over time. Can I suggest creating a dedicated facebook album for the kid pics so you can keep them in one place? I know you think your kid is the cutest ever, but just like candy can be sweet until you eat a mound of it, so too are kid pictures. Moderation is the key! Don't make me have to put you on a timeout!

I'm tempted to actually post this on facebook, but i know i'd probably offend a few people, so maybe i'll submit it somewhere anonymously at some point :)

Awesome Wii hack

I've never really had an interest in console modding, but this hack has me sorely tempted. In fact I wish this was standard behavior for all consoles. I'd love to be able to load up games to the console so I didn't have to play from disc. Obviously digital downloads are helping in this area, but still, for larger games its not ideal.


Today's Brilliant Observation

So I had a revelation today and thought i'd share it with you all.

The Republican party loves to tout that they are "The Party of Reagan."

I realized today that they ARE the party of Reagan, Nancy Reagan that is. Seriously, "Just Say No" has become their official platform.

Review: The Hero of Time

So I recently became aware, thanks to a couple of more hardcore Zelda fans than myself (kotukawi and shawnaduck) of the existence and release of a full length fan-made Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time live action film.

You can view the completed work for yourself here. I recommend doing so before reading further. Spoilers (can their REALLY be spoilers for a movie based on a game pretty much all of us have already played?!?) ahead!!!

Unfurl scroll...Collapse )

Zelda + Halo = Best Game EVER

Verizon apparently needs better coders

Droid was in the tech news again this week after the troublesome autofocus on the camera suddenly started working like it should. There was a bit of concern that Verizon was pushing a silent update over the air for the phone without user consent. It turns out that that wasn't the case, but the reality of what happens is even more bizzare.

See what happened is, there is a rounding error in the autofocus routine. Ok, fine, but how did it magically fix itself for all phones on the same day? Well, it just so happens, that the autofocus routine uses information from the datestamp, and the rounding error occurs on a 24.5 day cycle. Yesterday just happened to be the start of a "works correctly" cycle.

Two questions arise here.
First, where the heck did the 24.5 number come in?
Second, and more importantly, why in the world would you write an autofocus routine that is linked in any way shape or form to what day it is?!?

Apparently a permanent fix is on the way, but I hope it involves beating the programer (programmers?) involved with writing this code over the head with a calander or something.
There has been a lot hype about Verizon's new Android phone, cleverly named Droid. Reviews have been mostly positive overall, but I find myself wondering: What does it offer the consumer that the iPhone does not allready offer (in many cases in a more polished form?) The answer I have come away with is, not a whole lot. Touted features like open development (which frankly is kinda vague) and multi-tasking aren't particularly important to your average consumer. It isn't going to make checking their e-mail, browsing the internet or tweeting on twitter or facebook any better. Their music and media browsing and viewing experience is still great*, in fact the lack of media sync on the Droid (its all drag and drop) hurts the regular user here a bit.

On the other hand what does it offer the geek? Quite a bit, and their advertising reflects this. Open development (in the sense of no limitations on what an app can do at least), ease of tweaking the device to do strange and powerful things, multi-tasking, etc. now become useful selling features.

But as Nintendo and Apple have discovered geeks are a small fraction of the larger group of People Who Buy Stuff (tm). My little sister has an iPod touch, my dad really wants an iPhone, these aren't tech savvy people. To them the Droid features that the iPhone doesn't offer are basically meaningless, so the question for them is, does Android offer the ease of use and ability to do things that the iPhone does. In short, does it help me do what I want it to do. For most people the answer is probably not.

Make no mistake Android is still leaps and bounds beyond the pre-iPhone smart phone OS's, and current non-smart phone devices. If using AT&T is not an option, or not a desired path for you, then the Droid (and other Android phones) are pretty good devices to consider. Although the app market for Android isn't as robust as the iPhones, its certainly growing and should give you most of what you would want, especially as a casual phone user looking for the latest casual game or twitter client.

As someone who is a satisified iPhone user Android, Blackberry, WebOS and their various hardware incarnations are important to me only in what they might do to spur Apple to improve its product. Unfortunately I haven't seen many features or improvements that are compelling enough that I think it would push Apple, so I am left relying on Apple's own internal drive to make great products for the bulk of future iPhone improvements, atleast in the short term. Still, good luck to the Droid, more options and more competiton are definitely to our benefit as consumers.

* Listening to streaming music like Pandora in the background is about the one area I think the average user would beneift from background app support and I hope Apple considers allowing it on a case by case basis for just such examples.

Treat, most definitely treat

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
krizoitz goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Mario.
darienjax gives you 3 blue cola-flavoured wafers.
giddeon gives you 9 blue mint-flavoured gummy bats.
includedmiddle tricks you! You lose 6 pieces of candy!
jazzyaleece gives you 13 teal pineapple-flavoured wafers.
juxtapose_42 gives you 2 blue root beer-flavoured gummy worms.
kitty_tape gives you 17 white grape-flavoured nuggets.
llellewyn tricks you! You get a clothespin.
shawnaduck gives you 1 teal passionfruit-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
theslate tricks you! You get a block of wood.
krizoitz ends up with 39 pieces of candy, a clothespin, and a block of wood.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Falling off the wagon?

It's been about two years since I stopped smoking crack playing World of Warcraft. I played for about two years before that and had a good time. Its a very fun and engaging game, and the lore is impressive. Exploring new areas, taking on new challenges, and playing in a massive game was a blast.

Then I hit the level cap. At that point the only real way for me to progress was to grind daily quests and/or start raiding. Raiding would have required a guild, and since i didn't know anyone on my server, I figured what's the point? Raiding also requires dedicated time slots for gaming. Like a job. I didn't want playing games to be a JOB.

Blizzard has increased the level cap and added new content since I last played, so I could start up with the latest expansion and continue on to the new areas. But eventually i'd hit the same limit, and be in the same position. Hardly seemed worth the investment.

Blizzard being blizzard they wouldn't give up, they wouldn't let go once they got their hooks into me. How could they pull me back in though?

This is how.

The next major expansion will basically revamp the whole game from the ground up. The previous new game experience will be completely redone. Areas will be remade. Quests will be new and different. Essentially it will be a brand new game, one I can start from the ground up and experience all the parts I enjoyed the most.


So yeah, I'm strongly considering re-upping when it Cataclysm (as the new expansion will be named) comes out. I won't play as much as I used to, but I have a couple friends whose guild's I could join up with. Blizzard you crafty beasts. Maybe I'll be able to resist the games siren call. But that is looking highly unlikely at this point.